A Special Message To All NBA 2K12 PC Total Conversion Mod Makers

If you are one of those talented guys, who create total conversion mods for our favourite NBA 2K12 game on PC platform, you get a unique chance to make your mod even more ultimate by the in-game text editing just like below!

So, basically you will be able to edit any in-game text string.
Sounds interesting?
Then you should do the following:
1) Download REDitor II dorna from here: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21977630/dorna.dds (special credit to eda for making the dorna)
2) Edit any 15 of the first 30 teams' arenas on your Mod's roster (arenas, assigned to teams with IDs from 0 till 29, which are regular NBA teams on official rosters), so each of them has REDitor dorna in their sets of dornas
3) Send an e-mail message to REDitor@ya.ru, subjected "In-game text editing". The message should contain your nickname, your mod name and a link to your mod's thread/site. The thread/site should contain at least 3 screenshots (with different arenas on each one), demonstrating, that REDitor dorna is really included into your mod. The thread/site should also provide a link to the ACTUAL version of your mod, which contains REDitor dorna.
4) Wait for the special tool to edit the in-game text, accompanied by a how-to-use instruction. It will be sent to your e-mail.