Thank you for your interest in REDitor II project!


Here you can select the most suitable license type for yourself: Click

License period of all licenses is lifelong. All the updates are free while the license is valid. Also, you get all the technical support during the license period.


So, after choosing the licenses, you should run the program and go to Help -> Order Now

You will see a dialog box. Fill in the Order List the program will calculate all the discounts and total sum automatically.

You should also take into consideration, that if you upgrade from, for example, Player edition of Tables to Guru edition, you should only pay the difference between 2 editions, but no any other discounts take place in this case.


After filling in the Order List its time to choose the most suitable money system for you. PayPal is preferred, if you live in a country, where it is available.


Here you can read about usingdifferent money systems:


WebMoney -

Yandex.Money - (only in russian)


When you choose the most suitable money system, before making a transaction, you should know this:

1)      The fee is also paid by a customer, if it exceeds 3% of payment.

2)   Recipients info:

a)      PayPal:


b)       WebMoney:

WME: E296988675197

WMZ: Z218998810247

WMR: R170499447071

c)      Yandex.Money:

Account number: 41001168100031



Please, read the following paragraph, if you've chosen to pay NOT with PayPal:

So, now you are ready to make a payment. You will possibly need to remember Payment ID, using some systems.

After the payment is made, fill in Payment information in Order Now dialog box. Be correct, because if some field is not filled in correctly, money wont be able to be cashed, so you wont receive your Product Key.

Then pay attention, when completing Registration Information. Name is some name or nickname or random string :) , which will be later used as your identifier. E-Mail is the E-Mail address, where the Product Key will be sent to as a response.


After filling out all the information, check it and Confirm, that it is correct. Then press Send button and wait up to 10 seconds, while the information is being sent. In case some error takes place, please, make a manual order by sending a message to

You will be answered with the Product Key within the next few days (usually requests are handled on weekends).


Once the key is received, you can go to Help -> Register menu; input your registration name and product key there, press Apply button and then restart the program you will receive advanced functionality. :)


Important Note1: If you upgrade your PC hardware, it may require to request a new Product Key. In this case you should use "Help -> Request A New Key..." dialog box to send the required information. All the instructions are contained on that form.
Still, in case, you don't recieve your new key for a couple of days due to some technical problems, you can always send a manual key request by writing to

Important Note2: Purchased key should work perfectly for all the future updates of REDitor II during its license period. If it stops working at some point, please, do the same as prescribed in Important Note1.


For technical support you can drop a message to or


Thank you for purchasing the product!